Newton’s car – third law of motion (rocket principle)


This model works on the principle of newton’s 3rd law – EVERY ACTION HAS AN EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION.

As we know for driving anything we need energy. For driving a car, we need fuel (petrol/diesel) or electricity if it is an electric car. But, in this case, our newton’s car extract energy from the balloon’s air pressure.

Balloon pushes the air out and air pushes the balloon away, which in turn pushes the car and make it travel the distance.


Take an empNewton_carty plastic bottle. You need to make the car light weight. The tyre of the car should be freely moving. You can join two caps of bottle in opposite direction to give it stability.
Make two holes with the help of a screwdriver, one in the middle of the bottle and other is in the base of bottle perpendicular to 1st hole.
Put one thick pipe across the two holes. The pipe’s diameter should be big enough to push enough air to generate good amount of force to push the car. Check the bend in the pipe is not too much to block the air flow out.
On the upper end of pipe tie one balloon with the help of rubber band.
Blow the balloon from another end of the pipe and put it down.
You will see as the air come out from balloon it pushes the car in the forward direction which drives our car. Below is the representational picture of how the newton’s car should look.


Kids learn the concept of energy and motion. They use their hands-eyes coordination to build a model with a discussion among themselves – increase their problem-solving skills. They are introduced to Newton, why he is famous, what he did. Kids are told to apply the same principle in different areas like boat, rocket, etc.


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