How we learn (approaches)-kids focus-Part1


Learning can be divided into 4 parts and greatly depends on the learner’s purpose.

Learning to know

Reading, enquiry, etc.

Learning to do

Building a model, tool, etc.

Learning to live in society

Studying the life and behaviour of life and society to live

Learning to be self-aware

Awareness of our mind, body, etc. to live a happy and healthy life. Being scared or more disciplined may hinder the learning process and critical thinking for us and especially kids as they are learning the world around them. Kids should be provided with a comfortable and approachable environment where they should be free to use diverse methods for thinking and collaborating.

Traditional classroom

Traditionally classroom teaching or learning is more focussed on maintaining silence where kids are told not to speak and interact loudly to each other. This environment hampers their brain development in the long run. Kids are even scolded and given punishment for speaking differently than teachers. You would remember the scene (linked below) from PK movie that signifies that this even prevails in universities.

Traditional classrooms or even today’s classrooms have teachers to students ratio ~1:30 or more and this means personalised learning is not inherently possible as a teacher have too many students to reach and teach. This result in a coercive method (mostly one way from teacher to students) which is harmful to learning.

Authority versus Authoritarian

Teachers become authoritarian (running their own rules, forceful way of teaching, punishment, etc.) instead of authority on the subjects (expert in their fields). This way of working is not healthy for open thinking and discussions. Kids are scared to even to speak simple things and their growth becomes stagnant.

New model – Progressive

There is a need for the new model called progressive, personalised, or constructive teaching. These paradigms focus that kids make meaning and understand things by experiencing themselves. They make sense of their surroundings and world, the teacher can act as a catalyst to spark the excitement and curiosity. This spark is the most important impression that will be with them all their life and guide their thought process and actions.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section or by reaching to us. We are planning to start a revolution in the way kids are taught and they learn. Keep an eye for the announcement in coming months from us.

[1] Teacher to student ratio – Unesco report on primary education –

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