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When you come to this article, it shows that you really want to understand what goes inside a business and how you can make it successful.

Business is not just about generating cash, earning, revenues, etc. Business is more about Customer first because any business generate cash from customers. If customers doesn’t trust your idea/products then your business days are in number. You should keep this trust alive for the whole life of your product. Customer should understand what is buying and what is its reliability.

Approaches to a business

  1. Selling 
  2. Customer first

When it is about just selling, you will ignore ethics, customer pain points and ultimately you will sell the products to many people. Nearly all of these customers today or tomorrow will realize the game played with them and then they will give factual details of what happened to others and then it spread like a fire. All your hard work and credibility can be at risk. When credibility is lost, it is really difficult to bring back because it is lost by behaviour which is difficult to correct. Recovery can be a painful and can be a  lengthy process.


When you keep customer first, then you are building trust with customer. You get a return of value (cash or trade) for your products. If customer feels this trust is broken it should be resolved to the customer satisfaction. As a business, you should not exist if you don’t exchange value. If you don’t return the value to the customer (product + mental satisfaction or trust) then it is better to not to do a business.

We follow the customer first approach at Sciloo Learning Technologies. It looks simple in words but difficult to follow. You should be ready to incur financial loss in the few cases the and understand that is part of the learning and founding stone of a successful business.

In coming days, more articles will follow on different business aspects. We will target to solve a business’s problem and then explain the article rather than isolated concepts like marketing or selling etc.

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