Few thoughts on Origin of Universe

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Big bang

Before big bang – Inflation (more or less dense universe) might have happened. Universe had violet expansion before hot big bang

Theory of multiple universe

Based on the trend of multiple stars, multiple galaxy, scientists think that Big bang keep happening always. Different universe have different physical laws

If there is difference in 4 forces strengths on earth life may not exist, it is a merely coincidence.

Theory of one universe

Our universe expand and then contracts to create a big bang again, this theory is called the Theory of Eternal Universe.

Fate of the universe – how it will end

Second law of thermodynamics, with time things gets more disordered.

Birth of Stars

First stars started shining after 100 Million years of Big Bang. But Sun was born after 9 Billions year of Big Bang. 1.1 Billions years from 2018, it will become 10% brighter

3 Billions years from 2018 it will be 4X brighter and ocean will be no more

Star formation rate has slowed down to half from 10billions year to today.

Our Sun will become red giant which will engulf the mercury and earth all and then collapse in to a dense mass which will never create a star and will lock the matter forever

Black holes

In milky way lies a super massive black hole 4 Millions X sun mass. 2 to 3 X mass of sun, stars become black hole

Theory of big rip

When space starts expanding, keep expanding. Dark energy keep becoming strong and keep tearing matter apart.

Inflationary multiverse

Even though our universe dies but new universes keep coming. Our research can become like religion books in far future world.

People will not be able to reproduce what is written in scientific books or papers

GW170817, first documented collision of two neutron stars using LIGO


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