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for this article – Roberta B. Ness (worked on Ovarian Cancer)

Even though in today’s world we are more eager to invent and do more but innovation in healthcare and many other sectors like water treatment, garbage cleaning etc. is very slow for example there is no cheap cancer treatment, cost-effectiveness of other medical treatments, etc.

Frames define our thinking, the kind of expectations in a particular situation. Frames are cognitive and emotions expectations and can also result in reactions. For example – you are expecting a hello from a person meeting you the first time, instead, he tells you who are you?

This breaks the flow or assumptions in your thinking.


To innovate – we must break frames. Scientists used to assume that bacteria can’t grow in acidic environment of the stomach, break this assumptions and check the data to explain anomalies.


To be an innovator – you must be a great observer.

Flipping the view

God creates every creature to perfection, Darwin flipped it and said it is not perfection and lets find the reason for it.

Darwin imagined himself as plant to understand the evolution.


What is the cause, cells that are around ovarian are same as in breathing pipe (airway). Is there can be reason that smoking can also affect ovary like our airways.

Élie Metchnikoff – the discovery of white blood cell (tried suicide 2 times, believed in Darwin theory). He did put a thorn in a fish and found white blood cells around it to protect from the attack. Read about this great scientist to know of his thinking approach.

Be bold not cautious.

World need innovation rather than invention for the sake of patent filing. We need to improve the world and solve problems rather than settle in life.

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