What to look for when buying any Product

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When we buy a product, mostly we first focus on use, then price then brand mostly forget safety

People focus mostly on the price and use.

You get a product that may work but will it work as desired over a long period of time safely.

if you have focussed on money not the quality then the product can be risky and the money you used to buy it can become wasted.

You should have focussed about the use, safety, brand and price. why brand is more imp than price we need to understand what is a brand first. brand is a company name or name of a product range which get famous because it is made with high quality materials made with established processes has safety of the customers in mind has been tested in different conditions over a long period of time it gives it reliablity and safety. They give warranty which can be relied upon in real life. local brands may not have these because they are just selling products not disclosing the processes, not disclosing whether they actually made or designed the product or just relabel a chinese or local made item with their logo.

I give you a example If you want to buy a good headphone will you buy a local headphone if you your use is very high quality music with comfort or you will go with bose. You should go with bose, reason is they have mastered the sound and comfort for the listener. We can’t buy a headphone because it is being sold with a label, label is just a logo which is easy to print but brands are difficult to build and takes lots of research and time. Same goes for a mixer grinder will you buy a philips one or a local one. I recommend philips because they are leaders in the field and do good amount of research on each product they make. There are lots of moving parts and electric components which can be lethal for your life if poorly made, will you risk your life for few 100 or 1000s Rs.

I request you to provide your experiences in buying a branded or unbranded product.

I don’t recommed you to buy new products as you should save money, invest money for your financial independence. You should buy used products but don’t buy used electronics and high value products from unknowns or without written quarantees because trust is missing. Anything that you can inspect and validate you can buy used. </span>

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